In Their Words


“It’s one thing to get sober, it’s another thing to live that way.” Loss of loved ones and divorce have left Dean with a broken self-esteem and lack of confidence. He came to us struggling to cope. Though he found great solace fishing on the Rock River, Dean knew he needed to find help.

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Paul Benish Anniversary Speech

A couple of weeks ago, at church in Madison, we heard about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. In the end, Jesus said "Unbind him and set him free". As we were leaving, the man walking out next to me turned to his wife and said, "We just don't see miracles like that today". I have to disagree.

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You know we were always in church……From the time I can remember, they never argued. I never heard them say one cross thing to each other. That’s the childhood I had and it was something I didn’t appreciate...

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